Pyrite stone is an iron sulfide mineral found in numerous geological formations such as cubes, grains, disks, stalactites and crystals.

This powerful stone is named after Fire. The word Pyrite has been derived from the Greek expression, ‘pyros’ or ‘pyr’ which means fire, mainly due to its quality to emit sparks when rubbed with a hard surface.

It seems as if the proverb, ‘All that glitters is not gold’ is written especially for the Pyrite stone, as its gleaming metallic gold lustre makes it so deceiving that it was nicknamed ‘Fool’s Gold’. Many fraudulent salt miners used pyrite to salt their mines by tricking people into buying it as gold.

In Ancient times, Incas used Pyrite while meditating to achieve prophecies and divination.

Pyrite being an Earth element, possesses the energy of Fire as well.

Spiritually, it is known for stimulating the Second and Third Chakras enabling the user to distinguish between what’s real and unreal by unveiling the hidden aspects.

Also, it imparts clarity of mind and also enhances the will power making one persistent to complete the task and goals.

Pyrite enhances creativity by opening your third eye, the eye of consciousness.

Pyrite can be a trusted bodyguard with its defensive aura acting a shield against negative influences, energies and emotions.

Moreover, Pyrite’s masculine nature makes it a stone of confidence and action.

It imparts a boost in one’s potential and stimulates the flow of optimistic ideas and energy.

Pyrite is also one of the finest Feng Shui crystals for abundance and wealth which makes it a stone of luck and good fortune.

Not only for financial, mental and emotional well-being, Pyrite also has known benefits for physical health. It can be used to treat bone disorders, bronchitis and other lung diseases. 

So, keeping a Pyrite in your workplace or home can be your formula to a positive, happy and successful life.

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