The Amethyst 

A crystal for detoxification of the soul 

This beautiful crystal is not only well known for its gorgeous purple colour but also for its energy stimulator and purifying properties.


The name amethyst derives from the Greek word “ametusthos” which means “not intoxicated”. It was long used as decoration on Greeks and Roman goblets since it helped to prevent intoxication and excessive drunkenness. 

Its origin is part of an ancient legend where the Greek god Dionysus was enraged by an insult and decided to avenge himself by making his tigers devour the next human he met.    

Unfortunately, the person he met was a gorgeous lady called Amethyst. She was on her way to worship at the shrine of the God Diana. As the ferocious beasts attacked her, Diana saved her by converting her into a clear, white crystal. As Dionysus regretted his cruelty, he poured the most exquisites wine over the crystal, granting it its purple colour.    

Mind benefits

The main power of amethyst is helping to create a clear mind.

Thanks to the amethyst powerful energy of purifying the mind you can improve your focus on your work and personal challenges. Enjoy an enhanced imagination and passion as this semiprecious stone helps you set aside confusing and negative thoughts.  

Amethyst serves as an ally and relieves problems like insomnia and nightmares, improving your sleep. It also refines your assimilation of new ideas and projects.

Spiritual benefits 

Due to the high spiritual vibration produced by this stone, it can help to purify your aura and free yourself of negatives thoughts and torments. It holds the power to clear your heart and help regain your spiritual composure since the amethyst also creates a shield that protects your mind and body. 

The amethyst is a powerful way to stimulate the Third Eye, also known as the Brow Chakra. This Chakra works as the center of your perception and thoughts. Therefore, it is wise to stimulate the centre of the mind to open to new ideas, better perceptions and healthy flow of energy.

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