Crystals for Protection

All crystals have their own qualities and attributes, and this depends on the frequency of their unique vibration. What we know about their metaphysical properties is the result of thousands of years’ of observation and experience by human beings in many cultures all across the globe.

Five Crystals for Protection


Amethyst is said to be one of the best stones for spiritual, physical, and psychic protection. It has a high frequency vibration that aligns it with the Third eye and Crown chakras. Wearing or carrying Amethyst helps to disperse any negative energies from your environment and to transmute negative vibrations into love.


Amethyst is believed to help to protect against addiction and was used in Ancient Rome to combat the effects of drunkenness. Many healers use amethyst with clients who are trying to break the cycle of thought patterns that are keeping them trapped in addictive or otherwise harmful behaviors. It is used to cleanse, clear, and protect the aura, or energetic body, from negative vibrations.


This crystal is also useful for grounding and earthing you when your thoughts and emotions are scattered or disturbed by unnecessary fears and anxieties.


Agate is a very stable crystal, formed from microscopic crystals of Quartz laid down in bands. Agates are often used for grounding the physical body and providing protection against emotional or intellectual imbalances.


Agate helps us to accept ourselves just as we are. It promotes self-love and self esteem by dispersing thoughts and patterns of behavior that cause us to feel unworthy. Use Agate to protect you from your own forms of self-sabotage.


Amazonite has a powerful filtering action and is very effective at providing protection from some of the results of modern living. It blocks geopathic stress and absorbs microwaves, cell-phone emanations, and electromagnetic smog

Sick Building

Amazonite is a great protector against the effects of sick building syndrome. If you work under artificial light and are surrounded by electronic devices, keeping amazonite near you will help with feelings of fatigue during the day. It also helps to protect against headaches, nausea and tension in the scalp.


Carnelian is one of the most cheerful, grounding and supportive crystals you can find. It anchors and grounds you into your present reality whilst at the same time dispersing any fears or uncertainties you may have about your present condition.

Vitality and Motivation

Carnelian resonates with the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, meaning that it offers effective protection against lethargy and feelings of despair or hopelessness. It inspires you to be creative in all that you do and promotes a feeling of joy in your own personal power.


Onyx comes in many colors, although Black Onyx is probably the best-known variety. This crystal is strength giving, providing support during difficult or confusing circumstances.

Personal Power

Onyx imparts confidence and belief in one’s personal strength. It helps us to become the masters of our own destiny and protects against the negative effects of other people’s attempts to diminish or manipulate us. With Onyx you will find the courage you need to follow your dreams and achieve your goals.


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