Feel your Crystal

Abalone Shell

Harmony in relationships, gentleness, intuition


Protection, prosperity, fertility, weather control, health

Birthstone for Gemini

Blue Lace: calms and soothes the nerves


Clairvoyance, health, protection, spirituality, creativity, calms emotions, happiness, confidence, vitality

Considered a holy stone in ancient Egypt; typical jewelry stone in 18th century Brazil


Success, health, strength, decisiveness, memory

Aligned with Gemini, Leo, and Virgo star signs; fossilized resin of the amber pine


Protection, concentration, confidence, addiction release, restful sleep

Formed from quartz, birthstone of Pisces, male crystals have pointed tops, female crystals are flattened


luck, energy flow, sacred spiral, ancient memory


Intuition, past-life memories, harmony, problem solving, creativity, reduces appetite

Name evolved from a Greek word meaning “I am mistaken”


Peace, personality, gentleness, friendship, love, awareness, safety

A variety of beryl; said to turn darker in colour to indicate truth and lighter to warn against dishonesty


Tranquility, patience, equilibrium, dreams

A variety of chalcedony; sewn into soldiers’ clothes in ancient Greece to provide courage and optimism


Insight, discovery, justice, critical thinking, concentration

Often found in copper ore, can be ground into pigment


Good heart, circulation, vitality

Boji Balls

Grounding, balances male and female energy


Enlightenment, mental growth, clarification

Aligned with Capricorn energy


Protection, vitality, energy, digestion, pain relief, stability, courage, idealism, community spirit, business success, prosperity

A variety of chalcedony used to aid with blood disorders;

aligned with Taurus, Gemini, Aries and Virgo star signs


Protection, calm, exorcism, rest, celestial connections, connection to lucid dreams

Very rare, helps to ease motion sickness


Weather, purity, self-confidence, dreams, calm, composure, concentration, luck, protection

Also called milk-stone; a quartz oxide.  Helps young mothers produce milk and may help in preventing infections in the breasts.


Reassurance, compromise, protection, sensitivity, calm, tolerance, stress relief, intuition, hope

Cleopatra carried this stone with her at all times to increase her sensitivity and tolerance.


Calm, concentration, stress relief, positivity, individuality, confidence, determination, manifestation of visions, joy, abundance, prosperity

A quartz oxide; can be made artificiality with yellow (heated) amethyst and smoky quartz


Joint pain relief, positivity, self- confidence, decision making, harmony

One of of the most common metals in the world.  First used to make weapons and objects; promotes healing when worn directly on skin.

Desert Rose

Grounding, clarity of thought, serenity


Harmony, balance, travel, protection, youth, beauty, stability, perception, hope, development, maturity, intuition

A variety of beryl.  Aligned with the Cancer star sign; often placed near eyes to stabilize vision


Equilibrium, strength, healing, recovery, patience, optimism, self-confidence, happiness

Carrying epidote is said to help find lost items

Fairy Stones

Friendship, prosperity, protection, good luck


Pain relief, energy flow, open-mindedness, responsibility, obedience

Aligned with Pisces, Scorpio and Aquarius star signs


Transformation, prophecy, manifestation

Stone formed by lightning hitting sand


Enlightenment, wisdom, vitality, memory, constructiveness, hope, joy, willpower, imagination, energy

Said to bring light to dark souls; common decoration for weaponry


Rest, spontaneity, zest for life, energy, protection

Water used in polishing the stone turns red; said to be useful for all blood-related concerns


Rest, spontaneity, zest for life, energy, protection

Water used in polishing the stone turns red; said to be useful for all blood-related concerns


Love, attraction, good luck, prosperity


Health, well-being, harmony, calm, power, arousal, fertility, energy

A variety of calcedony.  Gift from God and the first foundational stone of New Jerusalem in the Bible

Green: Said to be for health/healing, rejuvenating sleep, empathy, compassion

Polychrome: stability, passion, vitality, balances emotions


Calm, balance, tolerance, development, self-expression, friendship

A variety of spodumene; fades in sunlight. Aligned with the heart and brow/third eye chakras.


Self-expression, compassion, balance, attunement, pain relief, thoughtfulness

Each stone can have multiple levels of hardness

Black: Decisiveness, clears blocked energy


Harmony, intuition, clarity, creativity

Native lore says the stone captures the Northern Lights

Lapis Lazuli

Understanding, intuition, happiness, bonding, idealism, inspiration, wisdom, protection

Legendary stone, holy references back to 5000 BC


Self development, luck, healing, innovation

Said to be the last remaining part of Atlantis


Harmony, relationships, strength, growth, love, understanding, spirituality, concentration


For contemplation upon infinity, space and time


Accelerated spiritual growth and evolution


Dream exploration, grounding, connection to Earth


Healing, love, fertility, sensitivity, youth, harmony, travel protection, calms emotions

A variety of fieldspar.  Aligned with female energy.

Moqui Balls

Vision quests, balances male/female energy


Logical thinking, energy, calm

Formed by lava solidifying rapidly; used as a mirror in fortune telling


Protection, healing, stamina, harmony, self-confidence, responsibility, success

A variety of agate.  Used as protection from black magic.


Emotional healing, harmony, luck, hope

In folklore, said to contain Zeus’ tears after he defeated the Titans

Fire: awakens inner fire, hope, success in business

Peruvian Blue: Soothing, enhances communication


Protection from EMF, transmutation of energy

Petrified Wood

Past life recall, longevity


Resolution, problem- solving, abundance, protection from negative vibrations, very grounding

Fools gold; produces sparks when struck

Quartz Crystal

Regarded as a master healer, magnifies energy and intentions

Double Terminated: Focuses energy through both points
Lemurian: Equality, unconditional love, spirituality

Mongolian: Promotes communication and purification of the Group Consciousness

Rose Quartz: Love, peace, healing, romance, intimacy, harmony, trust, empathy, receptivity, acceptance.  Has been used in spell work as a token of love from as early as 600 BC

Smoky: Learning, thinking, creativity, protects from negativity

Tangerine: Open-mindedness, eases shock and trauma


Love, knowledge, stress relief, openness

Aligned with the heart and sacral chakras


Love, arousal, passion, vitality

Aligned with the base/root and heat chakras.


Transformation, enlightenment, clarity, positivity, past-life regression, psychic abilities, calm, stress relief

A variety of gypsum.  Needle-like fibres; colourless and transparent unless other minerals are present.


Open communication in groups, flexibility, tolerance


Meditation, spiritual exploration, wisdom, healing

Used to protect against magic spells, poison, snake bites.


Open communication in groups, flexibility, tolerance

Shiva Lingum

Unites male and female energy, wisdom, clarity


EMF protection, water cleanser, detoxifier

Only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants.  Absorb and eliminates anything that is a health hazard to human life.


Power, calm, peace, wealth, prosperity

Increases the healing power of many stones


Inspiration, creativity, protection, healing, spiritual harmony, calm

Considered to be the stone of artists and musicians


Self control, calm, logic, determination, education


Rest, self healing, humour, cheerfulness, temperament, self confidence, positivity, self esteem

Aligned with the sacral chakra

Tiger’s Eye

Money, energy, luck, protection, divination, courage, grounding, grace, clarity

Quartz formed from crocidolite.  Birthstone for Capricorn; aligned with sun, fire and earth energies.


Power, wisdom, healing, relaxation, initiative, artistic inspiration, joy, self-realization

Aligned with Virgo, Leo, and Aquarius star signs


Wealth, friendship, love

Becomes electrostatic ally charged when rubbed


Travel, protection, stability, energy, contentment, success, power, self confidence, endurance, beauty, virtue, loyalty.

Aligned with the Aquarius star sign