Peruvian Pink Salt

What is Peruvian Pink Salt?

This pink salt is harvested in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru from spectacular looking salt ponds. The construction of these salt ponds is believed to pre-date Inca culture. There are about 5,000 ponds, at an elevation of 3000 meters above sea level, each pond belonging to one family. Salty water fills the ponds through channels from an ancient spring, and nature does the rest. The water sits in the sun, evaporates, and leaves behind the salty pink crystals.

Himalayan or Maras?

There is very little difference in the benefits to be obtained form either form of salt, what varies is the method of extraction. Himalayan salt is mined from great halls underground, while Maras is skimmed from the ponds mentioned above. 

How to Use Maras Salt

We recommend bathing in Maras salt. The pink of the crystals is said to induce feelings of relaxation and serenity, and the silky feeling they impart to your bathing water leaves skin feeling soft and soothed. You will absorb the health benefits of Maras salt through your skin using this method, as well as experiencing the calming effects of Maras salt on your mind and emotions.

The Benefits of Bathing

Bathing in Maras salt, as stated above, allows your physical body to absorb the minerals of these remarkable minerals in a totally risk-free way.

As with all crystals and minerals, Maras salt has metaphysical qualities and emits its own subtle vibration. The appearance of the crystals is reminiscent of Rose Quartz, which is the crystal most associated with universal, unconditional love.

Maras salt bathing allows your whole body, including your chest and your Heart chakra, to be immersed in its soothing vibration. When your Heart chakra is blocked, or out of balance in any way, you are not open to giving or receiving love in the best possible way. Maras salt helps to stimulate and open the Heart chakra, leading to feelings of happiness, contentment and connection to both your physical world and the world of spirit.

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