rose quartz bracelet

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Free Books and Classes during Quarantine

Photo: Library at Admont Abbey, Austria photo by Nurielmolcho


Well now that we all have a local vacation and no good bookstores opened, here are some online sources to keep you stimulated.

This ‘National Emergency Library’ is offering free online access to 1.4 million books

45 places you can download tens of thousands books, plays and other literary texts completely legally for free


Harvard University Free Online Courses 2020

How about getting some green nature fix online.

Google Earth launches virtual tours of 31 of the world’s most incredible national parks




Free Online Permaculture Course

Will help you grow your own food and design a home system that can thrive with nature….even if you don’t own your land or have a lot of money

Also Fender is offering free Guitar, Ukulele, Bass and Electric classes now for 3 months.


Causa is sending books by post.  So if you’re in need of a wonderful book, contact us and we’ll have a look for you.  Prices the same, just add on some shipping.


Strength to you all.


Best places to travel in Peru besides Machu Picchu

Best Places to Travel in Peru

Besides Machu Picchu

Affordable, wild, traditional, amazing food and sites to last a lifetime.  Visit the many sites scattered around Peru.

Feel the beauty of Lima. Visit the bohemian corner with live music, art, artists, food and ocean.  Take a taxi to Barranco.

Travel south from Lima by bus for about 3 hours to Paracas to see Ballestas Islas by boat. A sanctuary of ocean life; fur seals and sea lions, tropical Humboldt penguins, guanay guano bird, the blue- footed booby, the tendril and many more.

Following south travel to Ica, go sand boarding in the Huacachina oasis and take a wild ride over the largest sand dunes in the world in a makeshift buggy.   Sit back and cross the wildlife lagoon lined with palm trees and believed to have therapeutic properties.

See the infamous Elongated Skulls in the Ica Museum.

Continuing on south 2.5 hours visit Nazca for the famous Nazca Lines seen from a small plane.  Also in the area visit the pyramids of Cahuachi and the museum where they found the mummies with elongated heads.

The Condor Passa song will be humming in your ears as you head from Arequipa to Colca Canyon. See the largest vulture in the world.  Set up your trip in Arequipa or travel on your own to Chivay and wake up early and wait patiently.  In Chivay visit hot springs La Calera and the Puente Inca (Inca Bridge Mountain). Long bus rides full of amazing landscapes of volcanoes, vicunas (llama family), alpacas, viscachas (big rabbits).

From Chivay either go to Puno or Cusco.

Puno, sits next to Lake Titicaca and the closest city to the border of Bolivia.  Lake Titicaca, is one of South America’s largest lakes and the world’s highest navigable body of water. Incas believed to have come out of the lake and started their civilization.

Visit the floating man made Uros Island.  A whole settlement made on water with smushed grasses.  Tvs can still be found inside the huts, and traditional boats sell Coca Cola, oh the contradictory traditional modern Peru.

In the area book a tour to see the visit the Chullpas of Sillustani.  Traditional meal in the area; cheese, potatoes and clay.

Outside of Puno, if heading towards Bolivia, book a tour to the mysterious portal stargate Amaru Muru or the Gate of the Gods. The local townspeople claim to see people walking out of the portal at night.  Kneel in the gateway, place your forehead on the wall, and feel for yourself.

Sit back and enjoy the ride back to Cusco from Puno.

Traveling North from Lima visit Huanchaco.  Known for its strong and tall waves.  Surfing mecca.  Amazing fresh sea food in the mercado.

Chan Chan, in the pre-Columbian era 600 years ago, was the biggest city in the Americas and the largest adobe city on earth. Amazing hydro engineering.

Visit Trujillo, main city 15 minutes taxi ride from Huanchaco, to see the Mochica’s Huaca del Sol y Huaca de La Luna or the Temple of the Luna and Sol.  Largest adobe building, made of 140 million mud bricks.

Take a bus to Chachapoyas and book your visit to Kuélap, a marvel settlement in the southern part of the Amazonias.  Bromeliads sit in trees claiming back the land in this 6th century ruin built by the Chachapoyas culture.

Book a tour combined with a stop over at the Gocta waterfall.  Nature wild and pristine.


Amazonia: Take a cargo boat from Pucallpa to Iquitos along the Amazon river.  4-5 days in and out.  Pack some extra food and a hammock.  You may even be lucky to see some pink dolphins.

Biggest Chipibos settlement in San Francisco Island.

Sarkantay– Another way to get to Machu Picchu.  A long hike up a mountain where you’re at a safe distance to hear avalanches at night.  The following day you descend into the jungle and then pop out onto a road where you can head to hot springs.

Wonderful hot Springs in Santa Teresa.  Languish in huge pools.

Accept the long bus rides to gaze at the countless mountains.  Peru is traditional, chaotic and magical.

We are not responsible for anything you may encounter on your travels.  Take precautions, watch your stuff, pick up some Spanish, enjoy the journey.




The Amethyst 

A crystal for detoxification of the soul 

This beautiful crystal is not only well known for its gorgeous purple colour but also for its energy stimulator and purifying properties.


The name amethyst derives from the Greek word “ametusthos” which means “not intoxicated”. It was long used as decoration on Greeks and Roman goblets since it helped to prevent intoxication and excessive drunkenness. 

Its origin is part of an ancient legend where the Greek god Dionysus was enraged by an insult and decided to avenge himself by making his tigers devour the next human he met.    

Unfortunately, the person he met was a gorgeous lady called Amethyst. She was on her way to worship at the shrine of the God Diana. As the ferocious beasts attacked her, Diana saved her by converting her into a clear, white crystal. As Dionysus regretted his cruelty, he poured the most exquisites wine over the crystal, granting it its purple colour.    

Mind benefits

The main power of amethyst is helping to create a clear mind.

Thanks to the amethyst powerful energy of purifying the mind you can improve your focus on your work and personal challenges. Enjoy an enhanced imagination and passion as this semiprecious stone helps you set aside confusing and negative thoughts.  

Amethyst serves as an ally and relieves problems like insomnia and nightmares, improving your sleep. It also refines your assimilation of new ideas and projects.

Spiritual benefits 

Due to the high spiritual vibration produced by this stone, it can help to purify your aura and free yourself of negatives thoughts and torments. It holds the power to clear your heart and help regain your spiritual composure since the amethyst also creates a shield that protects your mind and body. 

The amethyst is a powerful way to stimulate the Third Eye, also known as the Brow Chakra. This Chakra works as the center of your perception and thoughts. Therefore, it is wise to stimulate the centre of the mind to open to new ideas, better perceptions and healthy flow of energy.



Pyrite stone is an iron sulfide mineral found in numerous geological formations such as cubes, grains, disks, stalactites and crystals.

This powerful stone is named after Fire. The word Pyrite has been derived from the Greek expression, ‘pyros’ or ‘pyr’ which means fire, mainly due to its quality to emit sparks when rubbed with a hard surface.

It seems as if the proverb, ‘All that glitters is not gold’ is written especially for the Pyrite stone, as its gleaming metallic gold lustre makes it so deceiving that it was nicknamed ‘Fool’s Gold’. Many fraudulent salt miners used pyrite to salt their mines by tricking people into buying it as gold.

In Ancient times, Incas used Pyrite while meditating to achieve prophecies and divination.

Pyrite being an Earth element, possesses the energy of Fire as well.

Spiritually, it is known for stimulating the Second and Third Chakras enabling the user to distinguish between what’s real and unreal by unveiling the hidden aspects.

Also, it imparts clarity of mind and also enhances the will power making one persistent to complete the task and goals.

Pyrite enhances creativity by opening your third eye, the eye of consciousness.

Pyrite can be a trusted bodyguard with its defensive aura acting a shield against negative influences, energies and emotions.

Moreover, Pyrite’s masculine nature makes it a stone of confidence and action.

It imparts a boost in one’s potential and stimulates the flow of optimistic ideas and energy.

Pyrite is also one of the finest Feng Shui crystals for abundance and wealth which makes it a stone of luck and good fortune.

Not only for financial, mental and emotional well-being, Pyrite also has known benefits for physical health. It can be used to treat bone disorders, bronchitis and other lung diseases. 

So, keeping a Pyrite in your workplace or home can be your formula to a positive, happy and successful life.

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