Gabby, your peaceful competence in dealing with whatever shows up in an HK session promotes ease, trust and confidence in a client. Keep up your great contribution to freedom for those who are willing to experience the power of HK.
Kathryn, Nova Scotia

After 12 years on psychotropic drugs to calm schizophrenia paranoia I am now after 5 Holographic Kinetics sessions drugfree. I feel calmer, clearer and stronger to fight for my truth.
Miguel, Peru

After one session, I quit smoking marijuana. I feel the drug no longer has power over me. I now feel much clearer and relaxed.
Arturo, Ontario

I want to let you know that I was exhausted after my session with you for about two days. Then all of a sudden, I perked up, and felt better than I have felt in a very long time – light, energetic, optimistic, and carefree! So good work!
Cathy, Ontario

Gabby, Consciously I was uncertain as to how the session would go.
Spirit heard my thoughts preparatory to meeting you
and addressed all that needed to be cleared.
I realize how blessed I am.
I am so grateful to you as a professional practitioner.
And a heartfelt thank you to Steve Richards for his contribution
to healing the planet one person at a time.
My blessings to you doing your life’s work.
Thank you.

I am still processing, exhilarated, filled with gratitude for the session, for all that has led me to you, for all that I am and all that I have. I feel like I am walking on air.
Many thanks.
Marian, Ontario


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