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The search for ‘happiness’ and ‘success’ is a trap. Fulfilment and achievement will show up the moment you authentically shift your focus to a Cause greater than yourself.  Dr. Nima

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Our designs or yours.

Natural Handmade Health Products

Fully packed Bookstore

For all your escape needs.

Healing Sessions and Classes

Holographic Kinetics- Aboriginally rooted, Universally connected

Reflexology- Foot to body

Yoga- from Face to Spiritfdf33209eac05d9728351e9abfed860b

Meditation- Observing to Let go

Piano lessons

Oh thank you! Love this creativity!

Sylvia Zhang

Love it all!


Hola! I would love to come to the trip to Peru with you.


Hi Gabby,

It has been over a week since our session and I can tell that the experience has been transformative. I now have a deeper understanding on how little awareness we have about our own belief systems that sit quietly in our subconscious and impact on our actions and feelings.

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your understanding and patience with me and helping me release old unresolved issues.

Love and Respect,